A trip to Chichester beach and Dell Quay


Happy Monday! I hope you are all well.

Today signifies something very exciting for us here in the UK. As of today, we can sit inside a restaurant, hug our friends and my favourite, stay in hotels! Plus so much more.

I have officially booked a week away in lovely Somerset for August and I’ve got my eyes set on a little spa break in October too, I’m definitely feeling the “get out and travel” vibes!

Chichester beach

For the first time in a while, I left my favourite beach and went searching for somewhere else to find my peace and serenity. After a two hour drive, we made it to Chichester to find the sand.

More specifically, we headed to The Hinge at East Head Spit. We picked the windiest day, with sand hitting us in the face with every step, no “shelter” and the sun nowhere to be seen, I wasn’t holding out much on first impressions.

Although the weather to start off with was quite off-putting, I didn’t want to give up. The beach is one of the biggest things that brings me so much joy, so I may have got a little excited to see such cute little beach huts lined up. They definitely helped protect me from the wind too!

As we continued walking, the sun began to come out a little more, the beach opened up and we even managed to watch a few military planes fly over our heads too. I’m guessing there’s a base nearby because it looked as though they were in training.

We made it to the Spit head where we sat and ate a very sandy sandwich and did everything we could to avoid drinking the sand too! Being the smart people we are, we headed to hide behind the dunes and took time to just relax. We saw a family running through the dunes, with one kid pretending he was running away from a very scary snake (a boa constrictor) and the family played along with him. Don’t you just love how children’s minds work?

After spending an hour just chilling in the sand dunes, we decided it was time to brave the wind again, this time, we took the “high route” and walked what only looked like a desert scene from a movie. This was definitely a better way to get back to the car, and on my travels I saw many cute little dogs and a random gorgeous yellow bush.

Dell Quay

Dell Quay is literally a 15 minute car journey up from the The Hinge at East Head Spit. The tide was out when we arrived so I didn’t get the full picture of it but with a little imagination, it wasn’t hard to see why so many people came here to set sail in their little boats or canoes.

I’m going to be heading back during the summer when hopefully the weather is a little warmer to have explore Dell Quay properly, but for now, just popping along to see the boats is enough for me.

I’d love to know if you have ever been to Dell Quay, either on a boat or on foot like myself. Do you like in/near Chichester and can recommend places for me to visit now that everywhere is opening up? I am so eager to explore everywhere around me!

Thank you for checking out my first real travel post. I really do hope this is the first of many! I’ll be back in a few weeks time with a brand new post to share with you.

Until then,

Travel safe.

Alanna Jean x

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