TopGolf – Addlestone Surrey review


How are you all? Did you enjoy your bank holiday in the “heatwave” we’re experiencing here in the UK?

I made the most of the weather and treated myself to a spray tan (because I can’t tan naturally) and a trip to TopGolf with some friends.

Are any of you golf players? Crazy golf, mini golf, golf in general? You would be absolutely appalled with my technique, or should I say, lack of!

Addlestone TopGolf is a 70ish mile journey from home but it’s definitely worth the car ride. With Heathrow being roughly 20 minutes away, I get the best of both worlds!

While this time I didn’t stop off at Myrtle Avenue to plane spot, I did manage to beat my high score, twice at TopGolf, still resulting in 3rd and last place in our group.

Being half term, it was very busy, resulting in a 45 minute wait outside before we managed to step foot into the building. The staff walked outside checking your group in and getting you ready for your Bay number (which was another half an hour wait!). Sticking to Covid regulations, there were screens up to divide up the front desk, “stand here” stickers on the floor and masks were worn until you were in your own Bay.

We could only play two games due to it being half term and that cost £8 a game so £16 each. While the noticeable price jump from our last visit, it still wasn’t an unreasonable price.

While waiting for our bay number to be sent to us via text, we decided to order some drinks. Two boys opted for milkshakes, another for a gin and I for the mocktail. The server didn’t seem too happy to be doing his job when delivering to us, but we enjoyed our drinks nonetheless.

Prices on the menu were off but it was no more than £9 for a double bombay sapphire and diet tonic

We finally got our Bay number through, so headed on out. We chose to pick an upstairs bay, I find it a lot easier up there (that being said, I still can’t aim!) As we headed off to our bay, we stopped to give our cards to a member of staff who would dispense the balls and bring them to us. This is part of their new covid safety regulations.

A little wait was required once we reached our bay, but we managed to sit and take off our masks so we didn’t mind. Not long after our balls arrived we hit things off with our first round. The boys were adamant on beating their scores whereas I just wanted to score at least once!

“3 is the magic number”

Our first game went pretty quickly, we ordered some food and more drinks while we played which didn’t come up too pricy either. I went for a piri piri chicken wrap with another mocktail making it a total of £10.50 or close to it!

Piri piri chicken wrap

We ate, played, drank, laughed and unavoidably got annoyed at the balls. I gave up on my second game and decided to pick the ball up and just throw it, still only scoring 3 points at a time, my high score now sits at 51 I believe.

We finished our games and enjoyed the sun setting. Luckily we wasn’t rushed out of our bay before finishing up our drinks. We played a few rounds of a drinking game to get those glasses emptied quicker.

All in all, I had a great time with some great people. I spent less than £50 on two games, food and drinks which I’d say is pretty good considering other prices around.

Have you ever visited TopGolf before? Do you have one in your area or can you travel to Addlestone?

Let me know if you plan a visit and what your top score is. Maybe, I’ll improve my skills and beat it (or maybe not!)

It’s been fun, until next time.

Stay safe.

Alanna Jean x

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