Visiting The Shard London


Happy Monday! How are you? Today’s weather has really made me miss my recent trips, I’m currently curled up underneath a fleecy blanket typing this up.

On Friday 28th May (2021) my best friend and I decided we’d head into London and treat ourselves. So, that’s what exactly what we did.

We headed up on the 2pm train after paying close to £40! (Can someone tell me why train tickets are suddenly so expensive?!)

We arrived into London and it seemed like we said goodbye to our blue skies we had at home, which made me glad I brought a change of clothes.

We began our trip walking over Tower Bridge to find a rather nice Weatherspoons so we could grab some food. We may had gone a little overboard with the food and ate more than we needed to, but who cares, right?

After leaving the Weatherspoons we took a slow walk back across the bridge and headed towards the Shard. I had an outfit change before heading up there.

Since reopening everything is very different. You have to be seated in order to be served any drinks/food, which is definitely not easy when all of the seats are taken. You’re not meant to share the seated area with anyone other than those that you arrived with, but it felt incredibly wrong of us to take up a whole seated area when it was just the two of us, so we invited a couple to sit on the other couch to order their drinks.

While the service is definitely strict and I must admit, seems a little extreme, the views did not disappoint. Everyone walked around freely without wearing a mask, and it seemed to be very busy. While on the way up to the floors, we wasn’t allowed to share the lift with anyone else, on the way down however, there was 8 or 9 people being told to share the lift. It did seem that this plan wasn’t well thought out, it’s a good thing I opted to keep my mask on!

After a walk around we found a table and ordered ourselves a couple more drinks. It was easy to order via the barcode that you had to scan. We did have a slight problem in ordering our champagne which tasted absolutely disgusting but we got there in the end!

I enjoyed a rather large slice of red velvet cake with a strawberry majito. It went down like an absolute treat. We stayed until closing which was a lovely treat, after a quick outfit change again, we headed back to the train station and off home.

I’m not sure I would rush to visit again anytime soon, while the view was great, the disorganisation and the prices were certainly something I could have happily avoided. I will wait until later in the summer to visit again and hopefully things will be different.

Have you visited The Shard after opening back up? Covid has definitely made things a lot stranger!

Let me know if you have a trip planned, maybe you’ll go and things will be totally different.

If you have any Shard-like places you think I should pay a visit, let me know. I’d love to explore London a lot more.

Thank you for reading today’s post.

I’ll be back soon.

Alanna Jean x

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