My London Bucket List


Happy Monday! How are you? Did you enjoy last week’s Post? If you missed it, I uploaded 6 summer bucket list destinations. Head over and give it a read if you’d like.

Today I wanted to share another bucket list with you, one that I could potentially start ticking off ASAP. I live roughly an hour away from London via train yet I always seem to visit the same places. One of which, being my favourite The Shard.

Exploring London has always been something on my “To-do list” but it feels strange to do these alone. Maybe I should just take the leap and start solo travelling again? Anyway, here’s what’s on my list.

My London Bucket List

  • Tower Bridge
  • Camden Market
  • Hyde Park
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Big Ben
  • British museum
  • The sky garden
  • Tower of London
  • Westminster
  • Covent Garden
  • West End
  • Kensington Palace

Things I want to experience again while in London

  • London Eye
  • The Shard (obviously)
  • The Aquarium

The last time I visited the London Eye was September 2020. It was my first time and I think for more than half the ride I was petrified. I’m sure I’d enjoy it a lot more this time around.

The Shard will always be a great place for me, it holds such special memories, if it wasn’t so pricy getting up there, I’d visit at least every couple of months.

If my memory serves me right, I haven’t stepped foot inside an Aquarium since 2015! I’d definitely love to go back and enjoy my time around, especially watching the Penguins! Have any of you been recently?

If you were to head to London tomorrow, where would you head to first? Do you have any London recommendations? Am I missing out on some amazing locations? I’d love to know.

Thank you for reading today’s post, be sure to leave a like and share with your friends if you’ve enjoyed it. I will be back next week with a brand new travel piece.

Until then,

Stay safe!

Alanna Jean xo

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