Hidden Home – My Airbnb experience


Happy Monday! How are you? Gosh it’s so good to be back home and preparing myself to get back into work, but, part of me is also missing the bliss I had when I was away last week.

Over the upcoming weeks, you’ll see a lot of posts about my time away, so I apologise in advance, but it’s definitely been worth it.

For those who are perhaps new or managed to miss my countdown on my Instagram until I packed my suitcase and headed away, I took a well needed, refreshing trip to Somerset last week.

For the first time ever, I decided to book an Airbnb, which turned out to be cheaper than a hotel! I stayed in a lovely village called Street, which is home to Clarks Village shopping centre and about 2 miles away from Glastonbury.

Hidden Home Airbnb

I could not fault the home I stayed in, it looked rather small in the pictures on the Airbnb website but it was actually rather spacious. The kitchen was fully equipped and the bedroom was rather large.

I had a beautiful courtyard entrance/garden which I wish I had eaten out in at least once, but I did sit out there and watch the stars. It was tucked away (I think this is why it’s called Hidden Home) yet still a 5 minute walk into the shopping centre.

My host Amanda was amazing! I was really worried that we’d bump into her all the time and it would be really awkward, but after a few messages of easy communication, I was literally left alone to enjoy my time.

I only had one dislike and that was the shower. Being on the larger side on the scales, I did feel a little restricted in the shower, usually I like a lot of space around me, whereas this time I felt a little cramped, however, it definitely beats the shower over the bath concept!

Checking in was easy, Amanda provided me with the keybox code I think a day or a couple of days before I arrived, so it was simple to retrieve the key and settle in.

I stocked the fridge well and enjoyed a home cooked meal every night, not a single take out was had! It was a quick drive to the stores which are located in Glasgow (literally a 5 minute drive!) for everything I needed and more.

I enjoyed the quietness a lot, so much so that I am currently saving to stay there again over the Christmas period! Airbnb definitely trumps a hotel room that’s for sure!


For those of you who are looking for a Somerset getaway, I definitely recommend Amanda’s hidden home. Close to everything you could possibly want, driving is easy enough for you to get around and visit other places (like I did) or shops and naturist walks are close by. You can find Amanda’s hidden home here.

I’ve been sharing my time away on my Instagram which you can find here.

Plus check out my YouTube channel here.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I will be back next week with a full itinerary of what I got up to while I was away and why I decided to come back home early (nothing to do with the Airbnb).

Until then,

Stay safe.

Alanna Jean x

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