Where to visit when in Somerset


Happy Monday, how are you all? I am back with yes, you guessed it, another Somerset post.

I have always said if I cannot move to Greece, then I will buy myself a little house down in Somerset and spend everyday exploring somewhere new.

I have 4 places I recommend that you visit while on your tip to Somerset, no matter where you are staying.

My 4 places to visit when in Somerset

1. Glastonbury Tor = Glastonury

I could go on and on all day about how wonderful the Tor is, while I absolutely hate the walk up becase it pulls my hip in the wrong way a lot, the views from the top are just incredible.

Glastonbury is a quriky little town to walk through too, as someone once said, “you can’t buy a pair of socks in Glastonbury but you can buy a sword”. Honestly, the shops are worth checking out.

2. Somerton

This little village is the home to my favourite church ever! I walked through the little village on my latest visit and while there isn’t much around to see, the village is cute and very quiet. Next time I shall pop into the local cafe or even pub and explore the area further.

3. Ham Hill, Yeovil

Ham Hill is my favourite place for seeng the views, while on my last visit we did get a little lost, the scenery surrounding us was just incredible. It’s a go to place every time I visit Somerset. It’s going to be a tradition.

4. Nine Springs – Yeovil

Another Yeovil destination for the win. I am absolutely gutted that I wasn’t able to head to nine springs this time around but I still stare at my canvas on the daily because it’s a beautiful place.

Have you been to Somerset? Where are your top places to visit?

Thanks for checking out today’s post, I’ll be back next week with another post.

Until then,

Stay safe.

Alanna Jean x

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