My autumn travel bucket list


Welcome back to Alanna Jean, it’s been a while since I last sat down and typed up a post, but I am back now and ready to fill you with weekly travel posts.

In today’s post, I thought I would share with you my top 4 autumn destinations. I know with the recent temperature drop it feels like we are in winter, but I haven’t been gone for that long!

Let’s start with number one.

Canada – 🇨🇦

In autumn, Canada quite rightly calls it the “leef-peeping” season. It’s the season where the leaves turn fiery red, sunburnt yellow and crisp orange. Wherever you look, you’ll be surrounded in this spectacular show.

I did quite a bit of research and winter is not the only time you’ll see the Northern lights in Canada, it’s called “autumn aurora”. I’m certain there’s places with glass rooftops for you to see the beautiful view.

The best part is, there won’t be as many tourists around. You’ve bypassed the summer frenzy and you’re left with a quiet get away with the leaves, lights, grizzly bears and the birds too. Sounds perfect right?

Amsterdam – 🇳🇱

While just like Canada, the leaves turn a gorgeous array of colours, Amsterdam is on my list because of its skyline. When the sun is setting the sky looks like something out of a painting! Why not ice-skate underneath such beautiful skies?

Well, you can! From November, ice rinks materialise and become a very popular place to be. If ice isn’t your thing but museums are, then you might just enjoy my excitement! On the first Saturday of November, museums take part in what’s known as a moonlight tour, staying open in the later hours, casting a magical feel around the place.

Austria – 🇦🇹

Autumn is by far the best time to visit Vienna if you are a wine lover, as this is when the local Heurige, or wine inns, open their doors and the produce is at its finest. A wine tour while walking under copper, gold, and bronze colours eruptions has got to be on everyone’s list. The Vienna wine hike takes place annually in the autumn and gives guests the chance to explore the city’s glorious vineyards in areas including Kahlenberg, Nussberg, Bisamberg, and Mauer.

When it comes to natural landscapes, Salzkammergut, Bregenz, Hoher Dachstein, Styria and Vorarlberg are some of the best locations in the country that will make you want to stop time then and there and just soak up the beauty of scenic lakes, pristine waterfalls, rolling hills and mountains with soft snow on them. With temperatures staying around 10-15°C is a winner for me too!

Bordeaux – 🇫🇷

As summer begins to end and the temperature goes with it, the famous grapes of Bordeaux begin to ripen in time for the autumn harvest. The countryside outside the city begins its dramatic seasonal change of colour, with fields and hillsides washed in vivid yellows and brash, burnt reds. Classically French markets fill their stalls with seasonal fruit and vegetables while nearby, the world famous wine town of Saint-Émilion throws a whole autumn festival dedicated to its vineyards.

It’s the perfect time to take a romantic stroll and admire the magnificent neoclassical architecture. Emphasis in the city itself include the fascinating La Cite de Vin, a museum dedicated entirely to wine, and the gorgeous Place de la Bourse square with its central Water Mirror which is the world’s largest reflecting pool.

What did you think of my first post back? Thank you all so much for reading! I would love to know your autumn destinations, drop them in the comments below.

I’ll be back next week with a brand new post.

Until then,

Stay safe!

Alanna Jean xo

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