I’m back! Travel updates and more.


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here, how are you all? It feels amazing to be sat at my desk typing away on my laptop for you all again, it’s crazy how much I’ve missed this.

Before I start with my new posts, I thought I would do a little update on life, my travel plans and everything going on with this blog, I think that’s only fair since I’ve been gone for 3 almost 4 months with absolutely zero explanation. Now, where do I start?

I absolutely love blogging, I mean, I have been doing this for around 8 years on various sites, but I simply lost my passion. Writing a travel blog while not travelling is actually a pretty difficult thing to do, you don’t want to be posting crap just for the sake of views but then you don’t want to neglect something you’ve worked so hard on. I let life and it’s problems take over and I was left demotivated and in a pit of self doubt.

My one true passion is travel, whether that be a trip that’s 15 minutes away to somewhere further afield, I love exploring new places. I recently took a course provided by Ellie Blakeney, the CEO of stylingsocial about my human design and why I work the way I do. So much of what was said resonated with me and now, putting things in place I have a wider appreciation for what’s around me and how well I work as a person. I’ll leave a link to purchase the course here.

I am known as a “generator” and I make decisions based on the way something makes me feel, so when I lost my passion, I immediately gave up and went searching for it somewhere else. The biggest tell-tale sign feeling that happens when I am not living my human design is frustration and that’s an accurate way to describe how I felt when I wasn’t writing or exploring.

Well, that frustration has now gone and my passion is back! Which leads me to my next point… travelling!

I still cannot drive nor have I been on a plane yet however, I do have plans in motion. I have booked a trip to Street, Somerset again for August and I cannot begin to explain the level of excitement I have for this trip! A whole week away in a place that brings me so much joy and comfort is exactly what this summer is calling for. I have odd trips to London booked, beaches to explore, pubs/restaurants to eat at and I’ve booked my very first flight! I’m finally heading to Edinburgh after years of promising that I would! It’s not until February next year but I can still celebrate now right?

Now that I have plans booked and the weather is getting less gloomy, I cannot wait to share my days out, holiday to-do’s and great (or not so great) food places to check out too. I am still debating whether I should turn my old Instagram account into my travel account or if you’re happy to just follow me on ItsAlannaJean for a mixture of content. Please do let me know in the comments.

I have also re-started my YouTube channel, starting afresh with my Introduction video which went live yesterday. I will be weekly vlogging and sharing my everyday life with you but I will also be creating travel videos as and when I travel. A weekly vlog will go live every Sunday at 6pm and if a travel video is going up, this will be on a Wednesday at 6pm.

As for blog posts, after this week I am closing the doors to Alannaxjean.wordpress.com and will be only focusing on this blog, after all this is the one that brings me great joy. I will be uploading every other week on Monday at again 6pm.

I hope you all look forward to seeing more content from me soon as I am looking forward to being back. Thank you for your support so far and I hope to see you all on my other channels soon!

In the meantime, stay safe!

Alanna Jean x

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