The Humphrey Bean review


Welcome back! My gosh, it feels good to have been sat at my desk typing away to create this post and many new ones too. I had the sun shining, Coldplay playing and this post has just flown!

Today I wanted to share with you a little food review after I visited The Humphrey Bean (in Tonbridge Kent) a few weeks ago. I have walked past it a numerous amount of times as I frequently visit Tonbridge but never actually stepped foot inside until we decided to grab a spontaneous lunch after a meeting I had.

Jack had very kindly driven me to my meeting and as a treat for not going so well, offered that we have a little lunch before heading back home. Am I really going to turn away food? Absolutely not so we agreed we would just head to the Wetherspoons and grab something in there.

We love a spoons trip! I don’t know if that’s just the British in us because the food and drinks are cheap but great or if it’s just us being cheapskates but either way, we always have a great time. Walking in (totally forgetting it was St. Patricks day) the staff were wearing oversized green hats, it was very quiet but there was still a great atmosphere and it was very clean. Although the sun was shining, we still opted to sit inside because I don’t dress weather appropriate.

Service for drinks was super quick! Once we ordered through the app, we waited less than 5 minutes for the drinks to arrive to our table. While Jack went for a diet coke I decided to try a double Pink Gin Spritz. While he did take forever to check my ID, I did enjoy sipping on my drink.

We both ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala with a garlic naan too. The staff waitressing was so polite and we had our food within 20 minutes of being sat down. We had two large poppadum’s (while mine had already been broken) places on top too. We were happy to see these were not dripping in grease after Jack’s unfortunate poppadum’s the last time he had a curry. The garlic naan however was just a little greasy with the garlic just sliding right off the bread.

The rice and chicken with the sauce was cooked to perfection (not that I know how you can mess up rice but still). We sat and talked for over an hour while enjoying our meal and we wasn’t interrupted by the staff once which I love! It’s a big bug bear of mine that they always seem to catch you with your mouth full and then wait for you to swallow and answer before they leave.

We’re pretty sure the manager was sat a few tables away from us because everyone seemed to know who he was and paid extra attention to him. It didn’t bother us but we definitely picked up on the vibe. Our lunch filled us up so we sat and continued talking for a while. We spent around an hour and a half inside just chatting away and eating and we both agreed that this was one of the most laidback Spoons we had been to.

We recommend that you check it out if you’re in the area. We will be back for sure.

I’ll be back soon with another post.

Until then stay safe!

Alanna Jean x

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