My top 5 vacations so far!


Welcome back to another post, I hope you are all well. I’ve been reminiscing in the sun about my favourite vacations I’ve had so far and thought what a great blog post that would be, so here we are!

As we all know, I haven’t yet had a holiday abroad, but I have had the great joys of travelling to parts of the UK for a mini break. Here are some of my favourite places I’ve visited and why I’d happily go back too.

My top 5 vacations so far!

Bournemouth – South West England

I visited Bournemouth way back in February 2019 before Covid was a thing (who even remembers those days anymore?) for a Valentine’s getaway. I picked a hotel that was close to the seafront, and that is where we spent most of our time! We walked the beach until we left Bournemouth and entered Poole which was quite fun. We checked out some amazing restaurants too and have talked about going back for another week away. We even headed down to Durdle door and Lulworth Cove.

Barry, Wales

Jack and I took my sister and best friend to Barry as a late birthday present. While Barry is famously known for it’s part in Gavin and Stacey, I was more interested in finding parks to walk in and beaches to sit at. My best friend and Jack headed off to scope out the Gavin and Stacey house, while my sister and I stayed at the bottom of the hill and took in all the sights. We of course checked out the pleasure beach, as well as another one which was perfect for rock stacking!


Jack and I visit London quite regularly as it’s less than an hour away via train, but I had never stayed in London before so I decided to book a fancy hotel and treat myself. I adore London, if I was to ever make it as a travel blogger and become wealthy enough to do so, I would without a doubt find myself a home in London. We stayed in a hotel with a rooftop bar, a view room which meant we were facing towards the centre on London rather than away and about 15-20 minute walk from the London Eye. Going to bed that evening and watching the fireworks was incredible! I may have rebooked for a certain someone’s birthday later this year.

Hastings, East Sussex

We picked an awful time to stay in Hastings but we still had an incredible time. Our first night we arrived and headed straight to Battle to watch the fireworks display while it was getting heavier with rain. We headed back to the hotel looking like drowned rats! Our first day we woke up to a storm! The sea was spilling onto the road, the wind was howling and we foolishly decided to head out in it for a walk. Not our finest moment but we did enjoy a McDonalds after all our efforts. Our last day, the sun was out and we woke up early to catch the sunrise on the beach. With a hot chocolate in hand, we sat on the pebbles and watched the waves gently wash up the shore. We’ll have to go back during the summer and check out the amusements they offer!


If I ever turn around and say that I hate Somerset, please know that some kind of alien has invaded my body and that it is in fact not true! Jack first introduced me to Yeovil when we were first dating and I fell in love. Every year since then I have begged him for another trip! Last year we stayed in Street (check out my blog posts on that) and this year, I’ve booked the same Airbnb so we can go back and I can fall in love all over again! We are staying for a whole week this time which I am very excited for because that means I can explore new places! I will be heading back to Nine springs this time around!

I cannot wait to re-do this post once I have visited more places, I am hoping Edinburgh will land itself on this list too! We have plans for Santorini and a few extra places I’d love to explore and share with you soon!

While I wait to get my passport and save up enough for these holidays I hope you enjoy my UK content instead. Jack’s heading to the States soon so I will get him to share his experience on here too!

Thank you for reading today’s post, I had a lot of fun writing it. I will be back soon with another post.

Until then,

Stay safe!

Alanna Jean x

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