Visiting Beachy Head Eastbourne – East Sussex


Welcome back to another post, I am so glad that you guys checked out my Brewery post. I have been looking into a few more tours that Jack and I could possibly check out soon, I am more that open to your suggestions too.

I am back with a different post today. It’s something I have been wanting to share but also not sure if this is the right space to share too, but here we are and we shall see how this goes. Back in April, Jack, myself and my brother visited Beachy Head in Eastbourne West Sussex. Jack and I had visited Eastbourne beach itself a week prior after a failed attempt at visiting beachy Head where we actually encountered being sand blasted by the Air Ambulance as it landed on the beach next to us. It was definitely a surreal moment.

Visiting Beachy Head was a weird one for me, especially as it’s widely known as a major suicide spot. As someone who has struggled a lot with their mental health and has also deliberated suicide it felt very spiritual.

To walk along the cliffs, there are plenty of parking areas, just make sure you have coins in your purse because I made that mistake before and had to enjoy the beach instead as card payment is unavailable. We payed £5 for around 4 hours which was more than enough time for us.

Myself and my brother are both scared of heights so I’m not really sure why we thought it was a good idea to sit by the edge and have a picnic but we did, I think the views made it worth it. We used my Possie backpack which I can hopefully share more about soon and it was a total saver!

After a picnic, we packed everything back in the car and decided we would explore more of the cliff tops. We found a gorgeous spotting area (way too open for me to sit and admire but there were plenty of brave souls who did) and a psalm plaque too. The words written definitely have a strong meaning and I believe it’s meant to make those who have made the decision to take their life to rethink.

I am not sure how many it has helped. I also noticed a lot of stickers promoting the Samaritans helpline which is great but I personally think that by then it’s a little too late. It would be for me anyway, but a lot of people are different. I felt very emotional walking around, I saw there were many open spaces for people to just walk right off and end their life, it made me think a lot about my own struggles and how it takes a lot to get to that point in life. My heart breaks for every person who couldn’t see the light in the darkness.

Jack being the plane enthusiast he is found a memorial which shared through statistics from World War 2. Knowing that Beachy Head was the last place a lot of people saw before they died makes you take a lot more into prospective.

I got too emotional and decided to call it a day so we headed back down the cliffs and to the beach instead. I think my emotions exhausted me and so Jack decided that we will head back towards Rye instead and spend the evening with a hot chocolate from Frankie and Monty’s and have a rock throwing competition to clear my mind a little. It worked, although I did lose the competition but my mind definitely wasn’t as clouded.

If you’re a sensitive soul, or are someone who’s struggled/struggling with their mental health and want to visit Beachy Head, my advice is you definitely take someone you trust with you. Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful and postcard perfect but the thoughts that you may get definitely require someone to support you. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if both boys weren’t with me.

Eastbourne itself is a gorgeous little place, with some beautiful little shops on the pier, I found myself visiting a little crystal shop a few times. There’s plenty to see and do, plus some really affordable hotels right along the seafront. I heard they also do car meets for those of you who are into that kind of thing.

Well that’s all from me, I’ll be back next week with some new work, I’m also trying to convince Jack to share his America trip with us all at the end of the month but we’ll have to just keep our fingers crossed for that one.

Have a wonderful evening!

Stay safe,

Alanna Jean x

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